Logos, trademarks, and signs

We create not only an attractive and understandable logo or trademark for your brand but also meticulously work on each element, which should carry a deep meaning for the consumer

We will contact you in a few minutes

We will contact you in a few minutes

The logo creation process

Research and understanding

Our team will thoroughly research your company, your target audience, and your industry. We will discuss your preferences, goals, and requirements to gain a complete understanding of what you are looking for in a logo

Ideas and concepts

Based on the research conducted, we will develop several logo concepts. Each idea will be unique and take into account the specifics of your company

Design and development

After selecting the logo concept, we will proceed to its detailed elaboration

Revisions and refinements

Your opinion is important to us. We will provide you with the opportunity to review the preliminary version of the logo and suggest improvements

The finalization

Upon completion of the logo creation process, we will provide you with all the necessary files so that you can use the logo on various media

Success in every logo from QB Tools


A logo for a coffee shop


A logo for a beauty salon

Big Self

A logo for a women's cosmetics brand


Logo for an IT-company


A logo for fast food


Logo for a clothing brand

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Already using our solutions

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